Julius Martinus Mazanti's Family  

3rd Generation

Julius Martinus Mazanti, born 14.01.1827 in Tørring Parish (son of landowner Ferdinand Anthon Mazanti and Else Christine Ingwersen), died 14.03.1901 in Nørresundby. Was a lieutenant, after that a customs officer in the duchy of Schleswig. Worked in Kappel (1853/54), Husum (1855/58) and Frederiksstad (1859/64). 1864 transfer to the new boarder near Taps, when Denmark lost Schleswig-Holstein. Transfer to Hejls in 1873, to Vamdrup in 1886 and to Ålborg in 1894.
Married (1) 22.06.1852, Dorothea Henriette Riwers, born 01.01.1822 at Sprengerhof, a large tenant farm in Dänischenhagen Parish, Schleswig, died Sept. 1875 in America (note in connection with the husband's next wedding: "Because the bridegroom's previous wife died in America, he couldn't present an [estate] certificate...").
Had in 1866 a child with Catarina Margareta Petersen, born 25.08.1836 (in Holstein?) (daughter of Peter Fedder Petersen). 10 months before her daughter's birth she lived in Taps south of Kolding. Julius Martinus Mazanti was the alleged father.
Married (2) 03.03.1876 in Rise Church, Ærø, Anne Kirstine Marie Hermansen, born 30.05.1845 in Rise Parish, Ærø (daughter of landowner at Gravendal Albert Hermansen and Cathrine Marie Andersen), died 02.06.1886 in Hejls Parish near Kolding.
Married (3) 12.02.1892 in Budolfi Church, Ålborg, Germine Sophie Markussen, born 31.01.1852 in Kolding (daughter of physician Vilhelm Johannes Ambrosius Markussen and Julius Mazanti's 1st cousin Marie Elisabeth Ingwersen), died 27.12.1932 in Barrit Parish near Juelsminde. 1925 she lived in Nyborg.

  • 7 children > 4th Generation

4th Generation

Julius Martinus Mazanti and Dorothea Henriette Riwers's children

  1. Heinrich Friedrich Mazanti, born 05.10.1853 in Karby near Kappel, Schleswig, died in April 1929. Apprentice at the Royal Court-Pharmacy and King Solomon’s Pharmacy in Copenhagen 1873-75; trained as a pharmacist 1875; assistant at Otterup Pharmacy, Funen (1880). Emigrated to the USA in 1881, became an American citizen and a druggist in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
    Married Mary, born about 1860, died 1931.
    Danish-born, killed by a drunken driver.

  2. Theodor Christian Vilhelm Mazanti, born 18.12.1854 in Husum, Schleswig. Worked as a shop assistant; left his home in Hejls in Dec. 1877 and emigrated to Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. 1879 he was a clerk in Racine, Wisconsin. Lived in 1880 at his in-law’s, a Danish-American cooper in Racine, and worked in a saloon. 1900 his wife was a widow.
    Married 04.04.1879 in Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Racine, Else Marie Hemmingsen, born 15.09.1860 in Nørre Alslev Parish, Falster, Denmark (daughter of cooper Peder Hemmingsen and Anne Kirstine Nielsdatter). Called Mary. Went to the USA in 1864. Was a widow in 1900, lived in West Town Township, Chicago with her two sons. 1910 she lived at 44th Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, with her brother William B. Hemmingsen and his family.

    • 2 children > 5th Generation

  3. Karl Ferdinand Julius Mazanti, born 13.02.1858 in Husum, Schleswig, clerk. Emigrated to the USA. In April 1901 he was going with the ship "Hekla" to New York after a visit in Denmark but the contract was annulled. 53-year-old Danish-American Julius Mazanti, living in New York, left in 1912 Copenhagen (on board the “Hellig Olav”), arriving at Ellis Island 20th August. 1910 Julius Mazanti was a boarder in Lyndhurst, Bergen Co., New Jersey; he stated that he went to the USA in 1892 and became an American citizen in 1917. Same Julius Mazanti, 69 years old and born in Denmark, was in 1930 a boarder in Rutherford, Bergen Co., New Jersey.

Julius Martinus Mazanti and Catarina Margareta Petersen's child

  1. Dagmar Cathrine Margrethe Petersen, born 05.09.1866 in Vor Frue Parish, Odense. Baptized in the same place in 1869; her later life is unknown.

Julius Martinus Mazanti og Anne Kirstine Marie Hermansen's children

  1. Alexandra Mazanti, gift SchiærAlexandra Katherine Juliette Christine Marie (Lex)Mazanti, born 17.12.1876 in Hejls Parish, died 13.04.1959 in Copenhagen. In Sept. 1900 she sailed with "Norge" to the USA; returned to Denmark in 1902. Later on she lived in Copenhagen.
    Married 06.07.1906 in Copenhagen, Charles Mouritz David Schiær, born 24.03.1868 in Odense (son of master baker Julius Schiær and Johanne Wamberg), died 30.10.1933 at the Army Hospital, Copenhagen. Exam from Odense Grammar School 1884; second lieutenant in 5th Reg. in Nyborg 1889; first lieutenant in 10th Reg. in Ålborg 1893, adjudant 1900-04 and 1906-08; captain and company commander 1909; service in Copenhagen from about 1910, mostly in 3rd Reg.; Reserve lieutenant colonel 1926/27. Knight of Dannebrog 1918. Died from heart failure when living at Jagtvej 193, Copenhagen.

    • 2 children > 5th Generation

  2. Albert Sofus Ferdinand Mazanti, born 12.01.1880 in Hejls Parish, died 30.09.1961 in Kalundborg, carver. Lived in Copenhagen until about 1929, moved to Kalundborg.
    Married 03.12.1916 in St. Johannes's Church, Copenhagen, Karla Rosa Anny Emilie Clemmesen, born 17.10.1896 in Copenhagen (christened in St. Stefan's Parish, daughter of Johannes Clemmesen and Emilie Sofie Kaspersen), died 06.01.1981 in Copenhagen.

    • 2 children > 5th Generation

Julius Martinus Mazanti and Germine Sophie Markussens child

  1. Marie Elisabeth Mazanti, born 04.03.1892 in Vamdrup Parish, died 09.12.1950 in Frederiksberg, nurse, assistant matron at Middelfart Psychiatric Hospital.
    Married 05.06.1925 in Nyborg Church, Mauritz Christian Eduard Erslev, born 30.08.1864 in Køge (son of teacher and organist Poul Christian Erslev and Amalie Ella Marie Leschley), died 17.04.1934 in Barrit Parish near Juelsminde. Married (1) 1896, Anna Ulrica Steenberg (1870-1914). Studies in the USA 1887-89, M. B. 1893. Physician in Lou 1893-1901, in Nykøbing F. 1901-06. Ship's doctor 1906. Physician in Toreby 1906-08, at St. Luke's Hospital in New York 1910-11, at Copenhagen Municipal Hospital and St. Hans Hospital 1911-14, in Brande 1914-17, at Middelfart Psychiatric Hospital 1918-24, in Skovs Højrup near Brenderup 1924 and in Barrit 1925.

5th Generation

Theodor Christian Vilhelm Mazanti and Else Marie Hemmingsen's children

  1. Julius Emile Mazanti (1880-1930), married (1) Myrtle Ellen Brock (1881-1954), married (2) Lolita Merle Paul (1903-1932)
  2. Vigo Theodore Mazanti (1883-1976), married (1) Maud I. Shearer, married (2) Grace Rollins (1897-1987)

Alexandra Katherine Juliette Christine Marie Mazanti and Charles Mouritz David Schiær's children

  1. Johanne Schiær (1906-1960)
  2. Carl Julius Schiær (1908-1997), M. of S. in Engineering, married Lili Nielsen (1910-1995)

Albert Sofus Ferdinand Mazanti and Karla Rosa Anny Emilie Clemmesen's children

  1. Helene Marie Anna Mazanti (born 1921)
  2. Mogens Julius Hans Mazanti (born 1924)